Aseptic Technique and Processing-eLearning Format

Aseptic Technique and Processing eLearning Programs
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Aseptic Technique and Processing is a basic program aimed at providing employees with the information they need to have when working in an aseptic environment. 


  1. Define the terms sterile, aseptic, sanitization, and sterilization
  2. Compare FDA guidance concerning aseptic processing to our company performs operations in an aseptic environment
  3. Explain aseptic technique
  4. Identify good aseptic conduct and behavior

The Aseptic Environment

  • Do the terms Aseptic and Sterile mean the same thing?
  • What are Sanitization and Sterilization?
  • Why must we work in an aseptic environment?
  • How is an aseptic environment maintained?

Aseptic Technique

  • Tool, Part, and Component Handling
  • Documents & Office Items
  • Aseptic Connections
  • Sanitizing Surfaces
  • Entering & Exiting a Room
  • Maintaining Airflow

Aseptic Conduct & Behavior

  • Sitting & Standing
  • Movement & Talking
  • Touching
  • When Not to Enter an Aseptic Area
  • What Not to Wear in an Aseptic Area

FDA Guidance

  • Tool, Part and Component Handling
  • Movement
  • Maintaining Airflow
  • Aseptic Manipulations (Connections)
  • Gown Control



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Program Information:

All photographs used in the program have been paid for and copyright clearance has been obtained.

Estimated Seat Time:  30 minutes

Total Number of Frames:  27

Assessment:  17 Questions 

Purchasing Information: 

Program comes complete with source files for editing (Articulate Software required).  Progam is available for LMS instalation or uploading to company server.

Program may be customized to your particular needs--contact at or 215-870-5665.



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