Good Control Laboratory Practices (3 Parts)

Good Control Laboratory Practices (3 Parts)
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Part One:  Topics covered include: 

  • GCLP and its contribution to GMP.
  • Importance of complying with Standard Operating Procedures and Methods of Analysis
  • Consequences of non-compliance. Dealing with samples
  • Equipment:- calibration
  • SOPs, checking before and after use. Reference standards and working standards. 

Part Two:  Topics covered include: 

  • Record keeping
  • Analytical tests and assessment
  • Basic rules for compliance
  • Analytical reports
  • Standards for hand written data. Signatures
  • Computer generated documentation 

Part Three:  Topics covered include: 

  • Safety in a laboratory
  • Safe handling of laboratory waste Accidents: handling glassware, spillages, burns, fumes, etc.
  • Good house-keeping
  • Responsibility to others
  • Personal hygiene
  • COSHH regulations
  • Reporting of potential hazards
  • Security procedures
  • Storage of laboratory records 

Running time: 35 minutes


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