Inside cGMPs: Mission Possible: Change Control

Inside cGMPs:  Mission Possible:  Change Control
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What is the cost of not following proper change control procedures?  The Secretary has assigned the agents of the Mission Possible Force an adventurous task. Join the team on their mission (and they will accept it) as they restore proper change control procedures at a major pharmaceutical company. 

During their undercover operations, our investigative trio reveals why it matters to control change, the importance of documenting change, the effects of change on other internal operations, and the impact of not approving and documenting change. 

Learn the importance of following written procedures and how to properly change those procedures. Discover the steps to controlling and achieving proper implementation: identify the needed change, justify the change, document the change, obtain approvals, communicate and train, and implement and evaluate. Utilize change control as an avenue to cGMP awareness. 

Running time: 30 minutes

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