Preparing for a Regulatory Inspection-eLearning Format

Preparing for a  Regulatory Inspection-eLearning Format
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Preparing for a Regulatory Compliance Inspection is a basic program aimed at providing all employees with information they need
to have when a regulatory agency pays a visit to your facility. 


  1. List who is subject to a regulatory inspection.
  2. List the types of regulatory inspections.
  3. Identify regulatory agencies that conduct inspections.
  4. List some activities that occur during a regulatory inspection.
  5. List some possible outcomes of a regulatory inspection.
  6. Describe steps to take before a regulatory inspection.
  7. Identify key members in a regulatory inspection and their roles and responsibilities.
  8. Describe rules of etiquette to follow during a regulatory inspection.
  9. List key activities that are performed after a regulatory inspection.



  1. Program Objectives
  2. Regulatory Compliance Inspection Case Study
  3. Prior to a Regulatory Inspection: Preparation
    Select a Primary/Lead Contact
    Create Facility Reference Manual
    Create a Regulatory Compliance Inspection SOP
    Conduct Mock Inspections
    Create Area Inspection Checklists
    Attend Employee Training
  4. During a Regulatory Inspection:  Roles and Responsibilities
    Front Desk/Security Personnel
    Senior Management, Quality/Regulatory Affairs
    Primary/Lead Contact:  During Daily Inspection
    Primary Lead Contact:  Conclusion of Daily Inspection
    Primary/Lead Contact:  Conclusion of Inspection
  5. During a Regulatory Inspection:  Etiquette
    Interacting with Investigators
    Before an Interview
    During an Interview
    Leading Tours
  6. After a Regulatory Inspection
    The Exit Interview
    The Inspection Report
    The Facility Review
    The Response

Regulatory Inspection Knowledge Assessment


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Program Information:

All photographs used in the program have been paid for and copyright clearance has been obtained.

Estimated Seat Time:  30 minutes

Total Number of Frames:  35

Assessment:  10 Questions 

Purchasing Information: 

Program comes complete with source files for editing (Articulate Software required).  Progam is available for LMS instalation or uploading to company server.

Program may be customized to your particular needs--contact at or 215-870-5665.



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